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Photo Journal: Making Jiaozi

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Over time, living sustainably has morphed into several definitions for me. From just recycling to striving for “zero-waste”, for me, it ultimately means living a responsible and low impact existence. The underlying goal of Holcomb House is to inspire others to live a life that is sustainably sustainable. Creating a responsible lifestyle that is easy to maintain is one of the many ways to make a difference for our children’s future and for the health of the planet.


Living Sustainably


The History of Holcomb House


Built in 1930, the Holcomb House has earned its place in history. The Holcomb family migrated West and were known as one of the first ranching families in the Reno area, eventually acquiring around 1600 acres of land with around 600 sheep and over 1000 cattle. In the 1970s my grandfather, Warren Nelson, traded his interest in a budding casino, for the Holcomb House and surrounding properties. My mother lived here in her twenties, my sister lived here in her twenties, and now I have the privilege of carrying on that tradition…probably well into my thirties.


About Nadia

Hi! My name is Nadia.

In 2018, I became extremely passionate about living a “zero-waste” lifestyle after a work trip to China. My journey to sustainable and responsible living has been a bumpy one and like most paths, far from perfect. And if I’m honest, it still is.

I created Holcomb House to encourage others to live a more sustainable and responsible life knowing that persistence is better than perfection. Not every one can live low impact all of the time or only use clean beauty products. My goal is to create a space where yes, not all of us are perfect, but are striving to be a little better each and every day.